Life Coaching


Coaching is a great tool for issues about work, important changes and other issues related to your personal growth.

The focus as well as the starting point of a coaching session is in the present. It is on learning more about who you are, on what is important in your life and on living your potential as a conscious human being.

The coach supports you in looking at and answering questions such as: What can I change, which steps do I need to take, what are the risks I could take, so I can realize my goals?

When working with a coach for a longer period of time, the coach will also support you to make the changes happen.

Coaching is not therapy, but it can certainly be therapeutic. The difference between coaching and therapy is more in the approach than in the outcome.

€ 75 Coaching session 1,5 hour.
€ 680 Coaching series (10 sessions)

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