Singing is one of the most beautiful ways I participate in life.
I never learned it anywhere, it is simply a gift.


Singing Workshops

Singing Into Silence
Meditative and life affirming songs, silence in between. For everyone, light and heartful. An event in which we simply celebrate singing together. We celebrate the joy of creating a dynamic with voices, riding on the energy of the songs.

New  CD: Let Your Heart Sing

Sing your Own Song
an invitation to sing, use your voice and to learn to make your own song of that moment. To express yourself in words and music. Main feature of this group will be that participants will be guided to make their own songs. The group ends with an informal performance. 
weekend workshop:
date: 13-14 mei
Venue: Wajid, Prins Hendrikplein 1, Den Haag
Info: https://wajid.nl/cursussen/sing-your-own-song-weekend

Singing Course
be prepared for an unorthodox approach. Be prepared to open your heart to find your voice! You may or may not: learn to sing like an angel at the end of these 5 days, but you will learn: to sing from way down in your toes, to sing from your heart, the experience of being “voice” your feelings about singing. This Course will end with a Group Concert and a performance with Live music!

Music Events
Invite me to sing for your meditation, a musicgroup, an event, a celebration.

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