A Taste Of Born Again
A short introduction as a foretaste to Osho Born Again, a meditative therapy created by Osho. The 2 phases are brought back to a half hour, with extra time for introduction and sharing afterwards 

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Osho Born Again Meditation
Meditative Therapy created by Osho. There are 2 phases of each an hour, 2 hours every day, over a period of 7 days. In
the First Hour participants are given full freedom and space to behave as children. Participants can lie down on the floor, cry, suck their thumbs, dance, sing, beat the pillow or whatever expression comes naturally. Anything which was repressed in childhood or which was forbidden to do as a child usually comes out in this first hour of Therapy.

In the Second hour participants sit silently, doing nothing, watching sensations, thoughts and feelings without getting identified. It is a time to integrate what has been experienced and expressed in the first hour. Old wounds have been healed and touched with love. Unexpressed feelings are expressed and participants are feeling lighter. Osho Born again therapy aims at regaining your childhood and make a fresh start.

Personally I consider Born Again one of the most fun ways
to spend time in a group room (Narayani).


Re-Born Weekend
A workshop with Osho’s Born Again sessions at it’s core, with sessions of silent meditation, sharing, dancing and creativity in a 2-3 day version.

The Inner child
2 to 5 day workshop focused around the healing of the inner child.
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Meditation (an evening, a day, a weekend)
Vippassana (Evening, days, weekends)

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Center package
For Osho Centers, a combination of live singing and music for evening meditation, music group or a singing workshop. Individual sessions, a meditation event and/or a workshop.
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subjects such as: meditation, inner child work, individual work, personal growth and the consciousness training. A seminar mostly includes a demo of techniques used in the workshops. By appointment only.
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