Therapy Program

The choice to do an individual program is the conscious choice
to take responsibility
for who you are, for you feelings, your actions
and that what you believe about yourself and others


Therapy Program
Therapy deals with the emotions of traumatic events that happened in the past. Very often the feelings are locked away deep in the unconscious. The goal is to become conscious of the emotional blockage and to lift it. By allowing yourself to look, to feel and eventually understand what is true, space is created for being more conscious in the here-now. The healing is in the accepting of what happened and in the letting go of he past.

Working with the Inner child
the inner child has been the center of the way I work with people. The Inner child is another way of saying: the emotional part of ourselves. To be content as a human being, our Inner Child needs to have the space to be, to feel and to play. A happy human being is someone who's adult gives space to the child.

Counselling techniques
Techniques such as: active listening, understanding body language, interpreting the words and the silence between the words, listening to the tone of voice. Giving feedback, etc.

There are many different ways to use dialogue. I work with the dialogue between the adult, the child and the parent. Learn to discern those inner voices that influence your life. Discover the child in you and find out how to give it the the space to feel, to be creative, to play. Find out what the influence is of the parent in your life and whether you agree with that influence. Find out whether you are a true adult and how you can support yourself to be one.

Regression techniques
A regression technique takes you into the past, to learn from and eventually to let the past go. There are different ways to work with regression, the key is it takes you into a time and an experience when you were younger than today.

Guided Meditations and Visualisations
a guided process in which you relax, listen and use your imagination. Sometimes you may be asked to consciously tell yourself something, and you are asked to visualize. It is a helpful inner journey.

Active Meditation
these meditations have an active part and a silent, passive or witnessing part. The active part helps us to release energy. The silent part helps to become more conscious and to be total in the here now.

Emotional Expression and Body Energy Work
feelings can become stuck in the body, because they have been there for a long time and we have held the body in a way that gave us a sense of control. Through breathing and postures, the repetition of words or sounds we can help the body to let go.

Information and prices
an individual programs consist of 5 individual sessions, including an intake with a questionnaire to be completed before the start of the program, homework after sessions, in between follow-ups.

Follow-up after the program.

€350 Individual Program (5 sessions)

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